Workshop on “Art of writing research paper” to the students of Management Association.

January 22, 2020

Management Association organised a Workshop on “Art of writing research paper ” for BBA students on January 22, 2020 at Canara College, Mangaluru. Mrs Seema Prabhu, Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce, Canara College, Mangaluru was the resource person.

Introducing the significance of research she said, “Research not only generates useful insight and confidence but also acts as a stimulant for academic growth. Sound conceptual understanding of various research methods, research instruments, tools and techniques is an essential prerequisite for conducting empirical research.”

She introduced various techniques of conducting a research. She explained what a research design is and discussed its subdivisions in the form of Descriptive, Exploratory and Experimental Research Designs. The whole ‘Research Process’ was discussed along with its elements like definition of the problem; Development of the approach to the problem and then formulation of a Research Design. She explained the ingredients of each research design with explicit details regarding collection of primary or secondary data; Framing a Questionnaire and selection of a sample. She also explained the concept of Literature review which is one of the most vital parts of the research endeavour.

The workshop consisted of both theory and practical knowledge. She clearly conveyed  to  the  students on how  to  write the format that must be followed in citing a book,  journal,  article,  websites,  case studies,  reports,  international & national documents and periodicals, single author to many  others  through  APA  style and other styles.

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