Value Framework

The value promotion policy serves five-fold purposes:

  1. Contributing to National Development : We firmly believe that HEI’s have a remarkable capacity to act as the catalyst in society through dissemination of knowledge. We aim to play significant role in building on changes to the advantage of the country and can contribute to national development, ensuring equity and access to higher education.
  2. Fostering Global Competencies and Human Excellence among Students : We strive to develop our institute as a premier centre of learning and create a niche in delivering higher education at par with the institutions of national and international repute; thus fostering global competencies and human excellence amongst the potential knowledge seekers.
  3. Inculcating Value System among Students : We strongly affirm that to succeed in workplace, it is not only important to be equipped with skills but also a strong value system is equally important to deal with the challenges and pressure that comes from the cutthroat competitive rivalry in industry. Thus, we evolve conscious efforts towards students imbibing values commensurate with social, economic, cultural, ethical, spiritual and environmental realities.
  4. Promoting the Use of Technology for a Green Environment : The use of technology in education system of our country is still in a very nascent phase. But, to make higher education delivery efficient and cost effective as well as at par with global standard, it is imperative to implement advanced technology to deliver quality education. We strive to make all attempts to evolve such technological advancements and innovations so as to enrich teaching learning experience of students.
  5. Eliciting Quest for Excellence as a permanent commitment : While increasing access to higher education and ensuring social justice will continue to be important objectives of national development, developing internationally and inter-culturally competent human resources is of equal importance with liberalization and globalization of economic activities. We are therefore committed to the same outcome imparting education of global standard adapted to local scenario. Thus, our pedagogy and curriculum are designed to equip students with adequate skill sets to successfully deal with the challenges at their workplace globally.

Ways of Executing the Value Promotion Policy :

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