Campus and Learning Life at Canara

On being a Canarite, you will surely feel your home away from home for the next three years of graduate studies. With such a diversity of folks here you will make an amazing network of friends, live in a supportive academic environment and have a life changing righteous learning experience.

Education and continuous learning boost morale, provide hope, foster creativity, empower leaders and contribute to the all-round development with affirmed success.

Our focus is to back you during your college experience and support your personal and academic needs. We encourage our students to embrace every opportunity and immerse themselves in a meaningful college life. We foster a positive culture and strong sense of community, where they contribute generously to daily college life in a nurturing, scholarly environment characterized by learners who are compassionate, vital, inquisitive and aspirational. Our extensive activities and program is student led and reflects their interests towards it. We rear students who are creatively curious, strive to experiment and innovate new things on both academic and non-academic fronts.

Our annual flagship events which every Canarite eagerly awaits and yearns for is yet another testimony to their delighting learning experiences. It offers an apt platform to unleash their latent potentials aiming to bring out the best and ultimate in its aspirants. The institution believes and ensures that no stone would be left unturned to ensure it reaches the highest pinnacle of success. The hard work continues and the dreams only grow bigger.

With such vibrancy within the campus, bounteous grace of our Institutional Deity backed with the ideals and inspiration of our Founder; we hope and wish that you find an academically fruitful, proficiently developing, personally elevating and pleasurable learning experience at Canara…!

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