Student Guidelines and Compliance

General Code of Conduct

With a view to ensure smooth functioning of the Institution, the students are expected to observe the general rules of discipline and are bound to abide by the regulations which the Management may frame from time to time and also those which are stated in the College Calendar. Without being exhaustive, following do’s and don’ts are mandatory on every student:

  1. The College timings are as follows :
    Monday to Friday : 9:15 AM to 12:25 PM and 1:15 PM to 4:10 PM.
    Saturday : 9:15 AM to 12:25 PM.
  2. Students are expected to dress in a decent manner and shall strictly observe the uniform dress code prescribed by the College. Students shall wear uniform on all working days.
  3. With a view to promote professional etiquette and modesty in grooming, the College insists upon clean shaving to boys. However, if bearded it should be closely trimmed. Peculiar hairstyles are strictly prohibited. Girls are not permitted to attend classes with dark lips and colored hair. Non-compliance to the same will attract disciplinary actions.
  4. It is mandatory for all the students to wear the Identity Card within the campus and shall produce it whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office and library.
  5. Students are expected to maintain highest standards of discipline and conduct themselves well both inside and outside the campus.
  6. Ragging is absolutely banned in and around the campus. Moreover, Ragging is a cognizable criminal offence and those who indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the law.
  7. The students are required to improve and maintain consistency in their performance in the University / College examinations to secure admission in the consecutive year.
  8. Irregular attendance, habitual neglect of class work, in-difference in regard to examination, habitual late arrival, disrespect or discourtesy towards faculties and staff members, obscenity in word or act, willful damage of College property, involvement in anti-social activities, etc., are liable for disciplinary actions which include expulsion from the College.
  9. Attendance on the reopening of the College after the vacations, attending College Assembly, Special Occasions, Celebrations, Association meetings, Co-curricular / Extra-curricular events, Industrial / Field Visit, Viva-Voce, Tests, Examinations, etc., is an obligatory to all the students.
  10. Students must refrain themselves from smoking, use / consumption of tobacco in any form, alcohol and drugs.
  11. The Principal and the Management reserves every power to rusticate a student from the College if the student is found guilty of any serious misconduct or breach of College rules and regulations or the presence of such student in the College disturbs order and discipline.
  12. Students coming to College by two wheeler should possess a valid license. They are expected to park their vehicles only in the Parking Longue in an appropriate manner. Entry of four wheelers into the campus is strictly prohibited.
  13. The College does not hold itself responsible for the conduct of the students outside the campus unless such a conduct arises out of his / her College life. However, the College takes cognizance of any serious misconduct of the students committed outside its campus. If any serious charges are fairly substantiated, the guilty shall be punished accordingly to the gravity of offence.
  14. Using of cellular phones inside the College building, classroom, Laboratories, Library, and Reading Room is strictly forbidden. If any student is found using cellular phone, it will be confiscated and fined.
  15. Any attempt made to tarnish the name of any person in any form on a social media (such as Facebook, Whatsapp, E-mail, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, etc.) is a serious punishable offence under Cyber Crime. Defaulters will have to face legal consequences and dismissal.
  16. College is a temple of learning, hence will not entertain any religious affiliation to come in the way of institutional discipline and its functioning. Also it will strictly follow and adhere to the common College timings.
  17. A student shall be considered to have satisfied the requirements of attendance for a semester if he / she attends not less than 75% of the number of classes actually held up to the end of the semester in each of the subject. Failing to put in a minimum of 75% of attendance even in one subject will lead to losing of the eligibility to appear for the University Semester Examination and shall seek readmission to that semester in the subsequent year.
  18. No meeting shall be convened, no person shall be invited by the students, no publication must be issued, no canvassing or mobilizing the students for any particular opinion / action will be allowed without the prior permission of the Principal.
  19. Students who do not leave with their parents or guardian must live in the hostels or in lodging approved by the Principal.
  20. There is nothing that can substitute for self-discipline and a serious devotion to duty, a spirit of respect and love for all that is good, noble and beautiful in life. The College expects students to keep their vision and aspirations high and solicit total cooperation of parents to minimize the necessity of enforcing excessive rules and regulations.
  21. The students are expected to treat the College as their own and must cooperate in its efficient, uninterrupted and smooth functioning.
  22. No student shall enter or leave the class without the permission of the faculty.
  23. In the absence of classes, students shall not loiter in the campus. Instead they are expected to spend their time fruitfully in the Library.
  24. Without permission of the Principal students shall not organize any activities, events or associate with any group concerned with College.
  25. No student of the College shall take part in any campaign, demonstration, political agitation, protest, strike, hartal or stayagraha that is directed against the College, University or Government.
  26. Use of explosives, smearing colors, bursting crackers and such other uncommon acts are strictly prohibited in the College campus.
  27. Playing, hooting, whistling, producing peculiar noises or shouting inside the College building or in the classrooms is strictly prohibited.

University education being a rare privilege and hence consider yourself to be one among the fortunate and privilege ones to attain it. Thus, as a potential knowledge seeker, you must possess preparedness and urge for continuous learning with sincere dedication, be dynamic and optimistic with widened intellectual horizons and thus transform to be professional. Hence, be a responsible partner in enabling us to transform you better with least enforcement of regulations.

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