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If you are an alumnus of the prestigious Canara College, Mangalore, spare a moment to celebrate your Institution. Here is the profile of our Alumni Association.

The year 1977-78, being the year of its inception, is an important year for the Association. A small contingent of around 150 Alumni took the initiative under the leadership of Sri Govinda Shenoy Arkul who has the distinction of being the first founder President, while Smt. Susheela Shenoy and Sri Shivananda Prabhu were elected as Vice-president and secretary respectively. At present the Association has around 2700 members. This speaks volumes for its growing popularity and activity.

The year 2002 marks the completion of 25 years of its meaningful existence. Over the years the Association has witnessed and utilized the services of very enthusiastic Alumni like Sri Govinda Shenoy, Shivananda Prabhu, Vaman Kamath, Vittal Kudva, Santhosh Kumar Shetty as Presidents, besides Vice-Presidents like Mrs. Poornima Baliga, Mahalaxmi, Prabha Kamath, and Shobha Kamath. Sri Santhosh Kamath and Santhosh Prabhu ably served the Association as its Secretary as did Mr. Vaikunta Shenoy as its treasurer.

The Association has an executive committee consisting of 10 members. The Annual General Body in December 2013 elected the following members as its office bearers for the year 2013-2014.

  1. President – M S Gururaj Shet
  2. Vice President – Vaishali Acharya
  3. Secretary – Praveen Prabhu
  4. Treasurer – Vaikunta Shenoy M
  5. Joint Secretaries - Raghavendra Shet & Sanjay Bhat

Nature of Activities of the Association

  • Annually on Teacher's day, the members visit the college and express gratitude and respect to the teachers who are the architects of our lives.
  • The president of the association garlands the statue of Late Ammembala Subba Rao Pai, founder of Canara Institutions, located at Canara Boy's High School, Dongarkeri, Mangalore.
  • The alumni members provide financial support to various activities of college day celebration.
  • The alumni felicitates rank holders and retired lecturer’s every year.
  • Founders Day celebration and N.S.S. annual special camp is also held by this association and donated many tools and instruments to N.S.S. unit.

Membership Fee Rs.100 Only. Incredible Indeed!

Your suggestions are most welcome. Let us grow with the Association. Make the year eventful and memorable.

In brief, the association takes keen interest in almost all the activities of the college. The Association has provided many sports materials to the college to promote and encourage sports. The success of the Alumni is due to the encouragement and co-operation of the staff members of Canara College.

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