Financial Aid

Doing an degree is exciting but also demanding. Canara College provides financial aid through various sponsors and funds to help you find ways of studying that are effective for you.

  1. National Merit Scholarship (Selection from Govt. on the basis of merit).
  2. National Hindi Merit Scholarship (80% Aggregate & 80% in Hindi).
  3. Govt. of Karnataka Post Matric Scholarship to Scholarship to Group I, II, & III ( Group I. No income limit Group II & III Annual Income).
  4. Post Matric Scholarship to SC/ST students (Income limit Rs. 50,920/-).
  5. Scholarship to the children of Beedi Workers on Merit, General, on Attendance for female students ( Pass in P.U.C. 45% 35% for SC/ST children of).
  6. Scholarship to the children of ex servicemen in the Army, Air force & the Navy. (To the children of service personnel, pass in P.U.C.).
  7. Service personnel Scholarship (On the basis of merit cum-poverty).
  8. Midday meal Sch. from CHS Assn. ( On the basis of merit cum-poverty).
  9. Endowment Sch. from CHS Assn. (Merit cum poverty).
  10. Shri Kashimutt Samsthan Welfare Fund (Merit cum poverty (G.S.B.) students).
  11. Saraswathi Krishna Kamath Charity scholarship (Merit cum Poverty -GSB Student)
  12. Arbettu Vaman Kamath Foundation Scholarship (Merit cum Poverty - GSB student)
  13. Dempo Charity Trust Scholarship(Merit cum Poverty - GSB students)
  14. S J. Jindal Trust Scholarship(Merit cum Poverty)
  15. Canara Foundation Scholarship (Student studying in First PCM who secured highest marks in PUC)
  16. Scholarship to Physically Handicapped students.(  Physically Handicap are eligible ,Income Limit - Rs 40,000)
  17. Scholarship to students belonging to GSB Community (Merit cum Poverty)
  18. T.A Pai Datti endowment (Students studying in I BA, I BSc, I BCom who secured highest marks in PUC at Canara PU College)
  19. C.V. Raman Scholorship to students studying in I BSc (Students securing 70% and above and studying in I BSc in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botany and Zoology)
  20. Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan Scholarship (First class Sanskrit students)
  21. Sanchi Honnama Govt of Karnataka Scholarship (Secured First class in PUC)
  22. Cash incentive to Muslim Minority students (Above 50% in PUC)
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