Commerce Association

The Commerce Association is an Association which intends in ensuring and training students in personality development and providing sufficient knowledge regarding the functioning and working of the Corporate World. In regard to this basic motives , the association is conducting various activities in emphasizing the students in building confidence and gaining sufficient knowledge.

Conveners- Prof. Laveena Sunitha Noronha Prof. Dhanya Shet Objectives
  • To build the decision making quality
  • To build team spirit by giving chance to work in a team
  • To encourage students to participate in extra curricular activities related to business and management.
  • Overall personality development of students.
  • To build self confidence and overcome stage fever.
  • To prepare the students to meet real life business challenges.
Student officials: Mr.Nishan Kotian , III B.Com Ms.K.P.Swatisri Rao, II B.Com 80 students have been enrolled for the academic year 2015-16. Submitted by: Prof Lavina Sunitha Noronha Prof Dhanya Shet
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