Minor Research Project on ‘Border Disputes in between Karnataka and Kerala States – Recent Trends and Developments since 2005’ by Dr Ganesh Shetty

December 30, 2014

This minor research work by Dr Ganesh Shetty of Department of Political Science was chosen with an interest to fulfil the following objectives:-
1. To further and build upon my research work in this field.
2. To identify the problems of linguistic minorities like the Kannadigas of Kasaragod and to find out solutions within the framework of the constitution.
3. To analyze the policies and programs of the state government in terms of operational patterns of the federal structure of India.
4. To make a detailed study of trends and developments in the disputed area and the ensuring responses to these from the civil society.

The present study in the context of its issues has raised the following hypotheses:
1. Since 1956, border disputes in India have become a serious problem.
2. The border disputes between Karnataka and Kerala over Kasaragod appear to be not only political but also cultural.
3. The recent trends and developments in a disputed area affect the day to day life of the people residing there.
4. There is a lack of mobilization of people as the cause does not enjoy electoral or popular support at present.


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