Basic Science Lab for High School Students – 2019

September 4, 2019

In order to create interest in science courses, a “BASIC SCIENCE LAB” programme for high school students was conducted on September 04, 2019. 110 students and teachers from 11 schools actively participated in this event.

The Basic Science Lab programme was inaugurated by Dr. Sudhakaran T, Associate professor of Chemistry, GFGC Carstreet. In his inaugural address he advised the students to come out of electronic world and involve themselves in the field of basic science. He also told students to be inquisitive and take interest towards research and new discoveries in the field of science.

Basic Science lab in the department of chemistry was conducted by 2nd and 3rd year PCM students. The participant students were explained with many interesting phenomenon of Chemistry. The experiment included Dancing sodium, Chemical Chameleon,  Traffic Light, Blue bottle, Chemical Volcano, Tyndall Effect, Chemical Rainbow etc..

BZC students demonstrated topics related to zoology.

Report BY:

Mrs. Sandhya .B. & Mrs. Sushama.C.

H.O.D. of Chemistry & Zoology

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