Treasure Hunt: A Hidden Quest for Excellence

March 20, 2019

Treasure Hunt was organized in the College campus for all the students of the association on March 20, 2019 to build team work, to develop logical thinking skills and to promote social interaction among a group of students. It was a time-bound activity and the groups that would gather all the clues to reach their goal first would be declared the winner. Totally there were seven clues and students after finding each clue were asked to perform the task and every clue lead to the next step.  Various parts of the college premises were used to place the clues. There was a lot of exhilaration as students ran from pillar to post to reach to their next clue. Each clue was in the form of a riddle and the students thoroughly savored decoding the hints. There was display of tremendous team work and coordination among the students. In the end it was a treat to watch the winners find the “treasure” with huge smiles on their faces. Nearly 47 students actively took part in this session.


Submitted By:

Prof. Ignatius Navil Noronha

Prof. Raksha R. Acharya

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