Visit to New Mangalore Port Trust, Mangaluru

October 10, 2018

Nature of the Activity :
Visit to New Mangalore Port Trust, Panambur, Mangaluru.

Objectives of the visit :
 To widen the horizons of the students by backing them with a practical exposure through port visit.
 To give students a chance to evidence how the theories learned in the classroom are translated and applied into real-life business situations.
 To provide a deep insight on internal working, functions, processes, procedures and formalities involved in port operations and also facilitate interaction with the port officials.

About New Mangalore Port :
New Mangalore Port was officially opened on 11th January, 1975. Port Trust Board was established on 1st April, 1980 for the administration of the port. In the year 1962, projects that were associated with the port were initiated. These projects were finally completed in the year 1974. It came to be known by the name of New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT), it is the only major port of Karnataka. It was completed in a span of 12 years and has the distinction of the ninth biggest port of India. It is stationed to the north of the confluence of Gurupura River and Arabian Sea, serving the neighborhood of Karnataka state and the state of Kerala; situated in Panambur, 10 kms from Mangaluru city on Mangaluru-Udupi highway.

It is a port of great importance as great volume of iron ore concentrates and pellets, manganese, cashew, iron ore fines, granite stones, coffee, and containerized cargo are exported from this port. LPG, finished fertilizers, phosphoric acid, crude and petroleum products, timber logs, wood pulp, liquid ammonia, other liquid chemicals and many more are the prominent imports of the port. Also the crude oil import for Mangalore Refineries is received here.

Entry to the port is restricted to the general public. Proper permission from the appropriate authorities is required before the admission to the port. The CISF jawans keep a close watch on the place and monitor the activity.

Description of the visit :
With a view to offer a unique opportunity to widen the horizons of the students to see, learn and familiarize with the port operations, a visit to New Mangalore Port was held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 in the afternoon post lunch session. The Secretary of the NMPT, Mangaluru., Lt. Col. Biju Warier was kind enough in facilitating us with the necessary permission to visit. After a check of the special entrance permits by the port authorities and security forces, the port officials welcomed the students and accompanied them throughout the visit. During the visit they briefed about the port, its history, terminal’s operations, container tracking system, functions, security aspects and concerns, formalities and procedures, employee details and lot more.

Outcome of the visit :
The students’ interest in the visit was reflected by the interactions they had with the port officials. The students enriched themselves with first-hand information and explanations about shipping, packing, loading, customs formalities, and storage facilities. Overall the visit proved to be an informative, educative and enriching one.
This activity served to achieve the core values of fostering global competency amongst the students.
30 students visited the port. Ms. Laxmi Hegde, faculty of the department, coordinated the visit and she was accompanied by Ms. Priyanka.

Report by: Mr. Hardik P. Chauhan & Mrs. Laxmi Hegde

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