Centre for Women & Gender Studies (CWGS)

There is a strong need for setting up of a full-fledged Centre for Women and Gender issues, in today’s circumstances, wherein women are facing emotional and professional challenges both at domestic and professional domains. With such a Centre at college level, female students will benefit immensely and can be ready for all the challenges they will come across in their life.

During the year 2012-13 Shri P.C. Nayak, IAS, who visited our college and held a couple of interactive sessions motivating the staff to think innovatively, gave a suggestion to start a Women Study Centre. It was also in compliance to the NAAC Committee Recommendations. Thus born the Centre for Women & Gender Studies, Canara College, Mangalore.

The goal of this Centre is to strengthen the capacities of Canara College in research, teaching, and generating knowledge to contribute to our understanding of gender-based issues and problems.

The Centre’s strategic plan involves contributions to the following:

  • Research that identifies critical gaps and needs regarding women and gender issues in India; establishes a gender database; and generates knowledge for policy analysis relevant to the Government of India’s macro-policy guidelines, the planning process, and program development.
  • Capacity-building and main streaming gender within the College through an introductory course on gender, short and long-term gender training for faculty and a gender awareness program for faculty and students.
  • Improving enrolment, participation, and performance of female students through leadership training, counselling, and a mentoring program.
  • Outreach and networking activities that link the Centre with other institutions and in other Colleges and Universities within India and beyond, including faculty and student exchanges and establishment of a Web site.
  • Acquisition of resources on gender for research and teaching, including books, journals, videos, and other materials.
  Conveners: Mrs. Sushma R. Shetty Mrs. Sukhalatha Ms. Megha Kamath
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