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"Find your passion, learn how to add value to it and commit to a lifetime of learning!”


Dear Knowledge Seekers,

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated mentors, motivated learners and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. We firmly believe in the philosophy of learn, unlearn and relearn. This inspires us to reinvent and innovate as it is the only way to stay abreast with this dynamic era. Outcome-based education, Experiential Learning and Education coupled with values is what the learners of 21st need. Canara emphasizes not just on academic excellence but on character formation with academic excellence. It motivates the knowledge seekers to always aim high and cultivate core values as first place for the Divine, integrity of character and maturity in behaviour, pursuit of excellence, creative genius, respect for the humans, loyalty to the nation and a balanced understanding of the prevailing global scenario. I wish and hope that every Canarite imbibes these qualities of human values and become socially conscious, intellectually competent, culturally vibrant, morally upright, emotionally balanced and transform to be a well-rounded citizen of this great nation.

I affectionately welcome you all to this great temple of higher learning and assure you of a nurturing and caring environment that will see all of you blossom into empowered and sensitive human beings, celebrating your success and watching you grow…

Best wishes for glorious and promising future,


Mr. Maroor Sudhir Pai,

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