Student Guidelines

Code of conduct for students:

  1. Be courteous to all and at all times.
  2. Maintain highest standards of behaviour both inside and outside the college.
  3. Treat college property as your own.
  4. Remember that university education is a high privilege and it demands hard work, devotion and sincerity.
  5. Maintain and uphold the dignity and fair name of the college in every possible way.

Dress Code:

Students shall wear uniform as specified by the college on all working days in a week, days of examination and national days.

Dress code for Boys:

Boys are not allowed to -

  • wear caps, scarves and other fashion accessories.
  • grow long hair and flaunt fancy hairstyle and beard.
  • shave heads, wear earrings.

Dress code for Girls:

Girls are not allowed to -

  • alter the uniform in any manner.
  • attend classes with dark lipsticks & coloured hair
  • let their hair loose.

Parents are asked to co-operate in making these norms acceptable to students by encouraging them to understand the dress ethics.

Use of Mobile Phones

Cell Phones/ Mobiles are strictly prohibited in the college campus. If any student is found using cell phone on campus, such cell phone shall be seized / and are fined and not returned to students.

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