Graduating Attributes

Each student joins us from different educational backgrounds, cultures and experiences. While studying at Canara we expect our students to broaden their horizons and attitudes, and to develop their current skills and abilities and learn new ones, not only to help in their studies and future careers, but also support their role within society.

With a focus to prepare our graduates as agents of social good in an unknown future; each of the qualities is aspirational and has indicators which serve as a guide to their development.Thus, we have developed a list of Graduate Attributes which we endeavor to imbue in our students throughout the course of their studies:

  1. An enquiring intellect
  2. An empowered graduate
  3. A dynamic professional
  4. A well-rounded individual
  5. An engaged citizen
Our graduates have attained success in their careers, and we look forward to seeing you also contribute to the world of the future.
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