Centre for Advanced Studies in Commerce and Management (CASCMa)

Prof. Seema Prabhu S. and Prof. Rashmi



The Centre for Advanced Studies in Commerce and Management (CASCMa) was established by the department of Commerce and Management Studies in 2009 in order to foster excellence in research, teaching and consultancy in the field of Commerce and Management at Canara First Grade College, Mangalore. The scope of CASCM is multidisciplinary ; it involves work in Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Employment Relations, Organizational Behaviour, Education, etc. Comparative studies in various areas can also be the subject of research.


  1. CASCMa seeks to create an environment of intellectual and academic exchange in the college. To this end it organises a programme of lectures and seminars which is open to staff and students.
  2. The Centre seeks to support individual staff in their research activity through staff development and the production of a series of working papers
  3. The Centre maintains research contacts with other colleges, institutes and universities and, as appropriate, invites external colleagues to the college to provide and interactive opportunity for students and staff.
  4. CASCMa strives to organise externally funded research projects in business and management areas.
  5. CASCMa plans to introduce new courses and diplomas in the field and enhance the quality of academic personality of the college.
  6. Centre initiates a working plan to form a link between alumni and current students to provide industry exposure by arranging internships with the help of alumni of the college.
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