Department of Botany

The department was started in the year 1973. The department is located in the 3rd floor of the main building with one spacious laboratory, a staff room, specimen setting and project room, one museum and a class room. The department has one full time and one part-time teaching faculty and an administrative staff, catering to the needs of 60 B.Sc students who have opted BZC course.

Apart from regular teaching and evaluation activities, the department with Centre for Life-Sciences has started a new value added certificate course “Ayurjyotisham” which mainly emphasizes on importance of plants in Ayurveda, Astronomy and Astrology, their medicinal values, religious values and their influence on human beings in different seasons. Thus, trying to bring some value in the education and also trying to uphold the value of basic sciences. As a result student’s attraction towards the BZC course is remarkable. Students are assigned with seminar presentation and project work Students are also visited the sophisticated laboratories of some reputed Institutions and demonstrate some practical experiments after explanation and become familiar with the subject.

The department with the association of Nature club conducting many study field trips and study tours to know the things practically, thus making the course value oriented. The department is also joining with Science Association in conducting a University level intercollegiate Science fest ‘Scientica’ which includes many competitions in different events in science subject such as quiz, seminar, models, dissection, taxonomy of the plants, stress interview etc., thus upholding the values of basic science courses and making it much more attractive.

As innovative in the evaluator process, from 2009 a viva-voce examination is conducted for both theory (in two or three chapters) and practical which has been performed in the last class so that students are thorough with the subject. Department also maintains Herbarium in the laboratory. Department library has a collection of text and reference books covering the areas of Plant Sciences. The Department has got two periodicals, ‘Agro-Bios News Letter’ and Sujata Sanchike (Kannada). These periodicals are also available to the students for their reference work.

1 Ms. Madhushree Lecturer - HOD
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