Women Empowerment Cell

The Ladies Association of Canara College was renamed as Women Empowement Cell in the academic year 2008. It was established with the main objective of empowering girl students to face the challenging world. Objectives : 1. To Provide empathetic counseling environment for psychological empowerment of students about their problems which they cannot share easily. 2. To build self confidence by enhancing their knowledge on the political, educational, economical and cultural aspects. 3. To impart knowledge on legal rights of women, health and family responsibilities. 4. To analyse underlying causes through research to women discrimination and to generate awareness. Conveners : Prof. Ashalatha, Dept.of Commerce Prof. Smitha M, Dept. of Commerce Student Officials : Secretary - Shreya R.Shetty, II B.Com A Joint Secretary – Pallavi Shetty, I B.Com A No.of students enrolled for the Academic Year 2015-16 - 18
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