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Dr K V Malini, Principal

“The great aim of Education is not knowledge, but action” – Herbert Spencer

The role of education is not merely imparting knowledge; the pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into healthy mind and happy soul. We at Canara College put sincere efforts to impart training in the wide spectrum of Co-curricular fields, NSS, Sports, etc., in order to blossom the personality of students.

The demands of the job market are ever-changing; the focus now is on soft skills. Keeping this in view, priority is given to soft skill development among students.

Even though I just officially took up the Principalship of Canara College on April 1, 2015, I know the college well. The college has a fine band of dedicated staff, supportive Parents, enthusiastic Alumni, Cheerful students, and above all a galaxy of visionaries as the Management. Through a cohesive team work of all, we can definitely reach greater heights in academics as well as in non-academics.

I express my sincere gratitude to the Management for being the guiding force behind all our endeavors.

Dr. K. V. Malini,

MSc., Ed., PhD.
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