Session On First Aid Training

September 29, 2019

Youth Red Cross conducted first aid training for the volunteers of the unit on September 25, 2019. Ms. Gloria Jenifer Rodrigues, SERV Instructor, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), D.K was the trainer. She explained the different situations where in first aid is needed and said “The main aim of First aid is to preserve life. Everyone should have basic first aid training.”

The first aid training was mainly based on:

  • Dealing with cuts, scrapes, grazes, burns and other minor injuries.
  • Managing eye injuries of different kinds.
  • Immobilizing fractures, sprains and strains of joints.
  • Preventing choking.
  • Stopping the excessive bleeding.
  • Helping unconscious patients.

Besides, Youth Red Cross volunteers, the members of Consumer Forum were also the beneficiaries of the training session. 40 members were trained in this session. Mrs. Smitha M and Mrs. Roopashree K.P. staff conveners, coordinated the programme.

Volunteers gained skill and confidence in implementing first aid in case of emergency.

Report By:

Smitha M.

Roopashri K.P


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