Hindi Day Celebration 2019

September 20, 2019

To commemorate and respect the national language and to imbibe interest for Hindi language in students, the Department of Hindi celebrated Hindi day on September 20, 2019, at college seminar hall.

The day was celebrated with due respect by lighting the lamp and felicitating the Chief Guest Sri. Sridhar Bhat a renowned Hindi Pracharak and a retired Hindi teacher of Hindi Prachar Sabha, as well as a teacher in  Vivekananda college.

Addressing the gathering, he enlightened the students with various insights into the scope, development and popularity of Hindi. Countries like Fiji and Mauritius have adopted Hindi as an official language today.  He also informed the students about the job opportunities and areas that the field of Hindi had managed to cover.

The president of the event Dr. K.V.Malini appreciated the students’ participation in  various Hindi competitions. The Chief Guest honored the winners of University level intercollegiate Hindi Essay competition winners.

Nearly 145 students participated in the celebrations. The students and teachers took a pledge to promote Hindi by using it in their day to day interaction.

Report By:

Dr. Kalpana Prabhu J, Smt Sujatha Nayak

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