Extension Activity – Making of Paper Bags at Chethana Child Development Centre

September 19, 2019

An extension activity on making paper bags was held at Chethana Child Development Centre on September 19, 2019 by the Student Welfare Council.

Differently abled students of Chethana Child Development Centre, Mangaluru have excelled in making paper bags. They cater to the needs of district as well as the adjoining districts with the supply of paper bags, cloth bags and other Eco friendly products.

Plastic ban has increased the demand for their products enormously. The institution finds it difficult to meet the demand. The Student Welfare Council Members made around 500 paper bags in about 2 hours of time on Thursday September 19, 2019, at Chethana Child Development Centre. Student Welfare Mentors, Mrs. Vani U S, Mrs. Prathima V Baliga, Dr. Prashanth encouraged students by making paper bags themselves.

Report By:

Mrs. Vani U S
Mrs. Prathima Baliga
Dr. Prashanth



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