Guest Lecture on “Toulava Bhashe and Samskrithi

September 4, 2019

A Talk on “Toulava bhashe and samskrithi” was organised for Tulu sangha students on September 04, 2019. Mrs. Tara Kumari, Professor, Kannada department, was the resource person of the session.

She highlighted ancient Tulu culture and how people adopted this culture for their well being in the society. She shed light upon the differences prevalent in the practices of Tulu community in ancient time and in the present generation.

 The interactive as well as informative session concluded with the resource person singing “Tulu paddana” and she said it is the responsibility of each tuluva to retain the culture of Tulunadu. Around 38 students actively participated in this competition.

Report By,

Ms. Keerthi Alva

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