A Guest Lecture on Business Ethics: From Problems to Solutions

July 31, 2019

Commerce Association conducted a guest lecture on “Business Ethics: From problems to solutions” on  July 31, 2019 at 3.15 PM in Room No.13. Dr.Niranjan Shetty, Assistant Professor, Dept of Undergraduate and Professional studies, College of Banking and Financial Studies, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman was the resource person. In his interactive session he asked many relevant questions and encouraged students to give answers to the questions.

In his guest lecture he explained the importance of business ethics and stated that “Ethical behaviour is doing what is morally right”. Besides, with examples he explained the key influences of Business Ethics. He stressed on certain key areas such as Morals, Ethics and Business ethics, ethical problems and dilemmas, importance of ethics, corporate examples of ethical codes in brief and informative session.


Report By,

Mrs Anasuya Bhagvath
Mrs. Lavina Sunitha Noronha

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