Power Seminar on “Recent Trends & Opportunities in IT & ITES Industry”

April 12, 2019

A power seminar on “Recent Trends & Opportunities in IT & ITES Industry” was organised by Canara College in association with ICT academy on April 12, 2019 in the seminar hall for the M.Com. students.  Mr. Praveen Udupa, Founder/ Technical Director, A1 Logics was the resource person. He explained various areas of IT & ITES industry where the commerce graduates have ample opportunities.

He saidIT/ITES market is touching new heights year by year. Since, the base has become significant over the last few years; the next five years will require industry as well as government to identify new uses of IT, new user segments and new relevance in a common man’s life. What’s triggering the IT/ITES market is a buoyant economy and more disposable incomes, say experts. Consumers are now spending more on ICT products and services which include not just PCs, but smart handheld devices, digital cameras, MP3 players, gaming devices as well. The domestic market has been growing rapidly in the last three-four years. In the next five years, the IT/ITeS market is expected to grow at 19.7 %. IT alone will grow at 16.4 %, while ITeS is expected to register a 40.4 % growth. The future lies not in the exports market, for that path is well-established, upgrading the domestic market should be priority.”

It was a very interactive session. In this half day workshop 76 M.Com. students participated actively.

Report by : Prof. Seema Prabhu S.

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