March 13, 2019

To encourage the students to participate in discussions and to improve their inter-personal skills a debate session was conducted for the members of Commerce Association in Room No 12 at 3.15pm on March 13, 2019. The Members were divided into six groups, each group consisting 2 members and they were given various topics such as ‘Love Marriage v/s arranged’, ‘College uniform & its effectiveness towards learning’, ‘opposite sex friends’, ‘Male/ Female; which gender can be a better teacher?’, ‘should students be allowed to take mobile phones in classrooms’ and ‘Day dreaming /Night Dreaming; which is better?’. Each team had to speak for and against the allotted topics, within a time span of 5 minutes. 25 students took part in this session and were enjoyed by the audience.
Submitted By:

Prof. Ignatius Navil Noronha

Prof. Raksha R. Acharya

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