Inter Class Variety Competitions (2018-2019)

January 14, 2019

Fine arts association of our college had organized an inter class variety competitions for the students of our college on 14 January, 2019.Eighteen classes had participated in the competition. They had to perform on the basis of theme. Lots were taken on the previous day for the order of the class performance .Time limit for each class is 15 minutes only. Additional time of 30 seconds was given. A minimum of 3 items, maximum of 5 different items could be included. Solo item was compulsory. The judges for this competition were Mr. Anoop Sagar, Mr. Vinayak Acharya, and Mrs. Akshatha Baikady. The overall prize was bagged by:
III BCom D – I Prize
III Bsc – 2 Prize
III Bcom A- 3 Prize
Report by : Prof. Sushma R. Shetty

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