Teachers Day & Mosaru Kudike Celebrations-2018

September 5, 2018

Teacher’s day was celebrated by the students under the leadership of the union council members on September 5, 2018.  A floral tribute was rendered to the portrait of Dr.Radhakrishnan, a great teacher, philosopher, and former President of India. Harshith Poojary of III B.Com And Sujith of III BCA spoke on the importance of teacher’s day celebration. The principal spoke about the significance of Teacher’s day and Mosaru Kudike festival which comes a day after Krishna Janmashtami.

Mosarukudike was also celebrated with a festive spirit on the same day in association with Janmastami in the college open ground. The union council leaders took the initiative and organised it according to the local conventions with the co operation of students. This was followed by a cultural programme. The students’ actively participated in breaking “DahiHandis” by forming human pyramids.

Report By,
Prof. Sandhya B
Prof. Bhuvana Ramachanran
Prof. Anasuya Bhagvath

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