Workshop on “Gender Awareness & Sensitivities”

August 18, 2017

In our society today, communities are made up of people with a wide range of ideas and orientations, even about issues as fundamental as gender. Anyone engaging in his/her community may be challenged by ideas and orientations that they have not considered. Among these ideas, differing ideas about gender can be very challenging, especially if a person hasn’t thought about the issues of growing up male or female and how gender expectations affect day-to-day working relationships.

With this objective keeping in mind a one day workshop on “Gender Awareness & Sensitivities” was organised by the Centre for Women and Gender Studies (CWGS) on August 17, 2017 to all the class representatives and members of the students’ council.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. K.V.Malini, honourable Principal of the college. The workshop was facilitated by the well-known Human Resources trainer Ms. Kudupi Vidya Shenoy. 48 students participated in this interactive workshop and build their awareness on the topic. This workshop invited the students to think and dialogue on what gender is and on their own attitudes toward it.

Prof. Seema Prabhu S., Director of the Centre conceptualised and organised this workshop. Prof. Dhanya Shet , co ordinated the programme.

Report by : Prof. Seema Prabhu S.


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